Dear Editor - Nonsense and Fiction

To the editor,

The report in the latest Independent News about the October 6 Witchfest quotes the organizer of a Ghost Tour: “We’re going to just talk about some of the deaths down there and some of the ghost stories related to the old part of town. Then we’ll just walk around the block and talk about some of the haunted places here in town.” The reports adds: “Two Tarot card readers are scheduled to attend the Witchfest.”

Some tarot card readers claim to be fortune tellers. Ghost, witches, haunted houses and fortune tellers just like Santa Claus and the Easter bunnies may be harmless fun for children, but not adults. 

This editor has been asked whether there would have been such a Witchfest involving ghost hunting, haunted houses, and fortune telling taken seriously by adults when he first came to New Haven 60 years ago, as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church.  I retired as pastor, 5 years ago.

If there had been such a Witchfest, at least some of the clergy would have publicly said it is all nonsense and fiction.

The Independent News has some great photos of New Haven’s thrilling balloon festival. Hopefully you will be able to publish photos that the believers in ghosts send you of the ghosts they find on the ghost tour and photos of New Haven’s haunted houses, together with a report about what they learned on the “ghost tour.”

Sincerely yours,

Herman Otten, editor

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