To The New Haven Community

The members of Downtown New Haven, Inc. would like to discuss one of the future planned improvements for the levee area in downtown New Haven. It has come to our attention that one of the proposed projects in the improvement plan is for an elevated parking lot to be constructed on Main Street in the green space area between the two residences at 105 and 109 Main Street.

In October of 2019 the city had an informational meeting so that the community could review the plans and make comments on the downtown improvement project.  At that time the elevated parking lot was not included in these plans.  Seven months later it was quite a surprise to learn that an elevated parking lot with seven parking spaces was proposed to be included in the project.

Our members and other concerned citizens want to know why the elevated parking lot has been added to the project without community input. Currently there is access for vehicle river viewing on the riverside of the levee by the boat ramp. Also, the parking lot will not contribute to preserving the beautiful area we currently have in the green space in question. Many community members and tourists utilize that area to relax, have a picnic or just admire the beautiful setting. A large lot of concrete would have none of the fore-mentioned benefits to the community of New Haven. In addition, there will be parking blocks for the vehicles, trash cans, signage, and lights that would clutter the look of the levee.

Safety is also a huge concern. Families walking the river walk with their children would be concerned when vehicles are pulling into that area and turning around. Additional concerns would be loitering, noise and trash. The area also could become a parking and unloading spot for campers crossing the river walk to the campground.

The City of New Haven is a good partner working for the community and working with the community has achieved the Dream City designation, Community Improvement District, designation of the historical district and support for numerous community events and festivals.

In the spirit of ongoing cooperation between the city and the members of the community we hope to have an honest and transparent discussion regarding this proposed elevated parking lot on Main Street.


David Luecke

New Haven Independent News

405 Charles Cook Plaza

New Haven, MO 63068

(573) 237-5600