Wake Up America

You Beautiful Sleeping Giant. This is your Pearl Harbor. God loves and protects this country, but we should try to be attentive to the dangers we are in the midst of.

The Corona Virus is awful, but nothing compared to the predicament I believe we are in. Who is the enemy I speak of? Well it is not the democrats, the republicans, the liberals, the conservatives, gays, bigots, racists CNN, FOX, yuppies, Rednecks, environmentalists, save the planet people, gun activists, congress, the senate, your representative, not even people who go out in public and gather in groups of 11 or 12. These are all our people some with differences of opinions, but most of them love our country. The enemy is Foreign countries that march with signs that say death to America. This is not a joke, they are serious, they mean it, and want to see us fall, they call us little satin. They intend to destroy us and are moving forward right under our noses, while we are hiding in our houses glued to social media, propaganda, gossip lines, that we are taking for fact and knowledge. We are now forcing people to stay in their homes, even shutting down the parks. This is holocaust era ruling, our people are going crazy they have nothing to do except stay glued to this propaganda brainwash. Who is putting out the brainwash? Russia recently bought 3,000 adds on Facebook, if they hire an actor with a doctors coat and make a professional skit that tells us to hoard toilet paper and hand wipes and hide in our homes we do it. If not the corona virus, something else, they are using our differences of opinion that have make America strong, against us, they are making adds to agitate our differences to get us fighting with each other so we don't see the real enemy. They are organizing rally's and protests on every topic that we have differences on to get us fighting with ourselves. Our government officials are sworn to represent the people, that is us, if we are misinformed and rally to force our government to lock us in our own homes, or pull out of a war, or oust a government official or anybody, they are supposed to do just that. It doesn't matter if it is right or wrong, or what their opinion is they are supposed to follow the will of the people, and the people have the power in this country, which can be scary if the people are gullible to propaganda, being distributed by the enemy. Same thing goes for the media, they are going to go with the will of the majority of the people, that is just good business, that's what their advertisers, want, keep the people on your side, whatever they believe. I see government officials being commended and glorified for shutting down businesses and putting restrictions on residents movement, and travel, curfews, Martial Law. Do we know what we are giving up, these are freedoms we fought wars to attain. We are begging for these restrictions, we want to hide in our homes, and shelter in place, get under your bed, put the covers over your head, while our freedom and our country is being ransacked. You can't hide from germs or any other kind of evil, they are invisible and they will find you. You have to fight, there will be casualties, we lost a few boys on the beaches of Normandy, but we persevere and we won. Millions are killed in auto accidents, we don't stop all cars to save lives, or get rid of all guns, this is crazy talk. I keep hearing “We will get through this, It will get better,” These are comforting empty promises by who? We will get through the virus alright, but what will be left of a country that has been shut down, and for the working people who have not received a paycheck for the past few weeks this is not so comforting. So there's going to be a hush money stimulus distribution and unemployment for a little while, at least until there is nothing left to come back to, unemployment has already jumped to the level of the great depression. We have hauled off our scrap steel and any valuable resources and shut down our factories. We are getting ourselves into a real predicament with no way our, they are cinching the rope around our neck, wake up sleeping giant. All throughout history in times of repression, people were kept from congregating in groups of more than 10. They got us where they want us, we are a sitting duck, the enemy doesn't attack when you are ready to fight, but when you are most vulnerable. Our second amendment provides for us to gather to form an organized militia, we have now given that right up and can be arrested for gathering in groups of more than 10.

Louis Klingert

New Haven Independent News

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New Haven, MO 63068

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