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From Farm To Shot Glass

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Tom Anderson, co-owner of Pinckney Bend Distillery, revealed that the distillery gets much of it’s corn for whiskey from the Missouri Meershaum Pipe factory in Washington. That was an interesting thought to ponder because I had recently spoken to Charissa Coyle, a local farmer, about how she hauls off the mash that Pinckney Bend makes as a byproduct of distilling off the starches of the corn. The high content mash is almost pure protein with a little bit of alcoholic sweetness. Charissa says, it’s not enough to get them drunk, but she rations it out to her hogs and cattle. 

Tim Engelbrecht had a similar arrangement with 2nd Shift Brewery. Their content was a little stronger in alcohol content and so he had to be careful how much he fed the cattle. In both cases, I thought it was very interesting how the corn crop just kept on giving from Farm to Shot Glass.

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